Government Departments

Upper Makefield Township employs a staff of 16 who work in the five departments: Administration Department, Finance Department, Public Works Department, Building and Code Enforcement Department, and the Upper Makefield Township Police Department.  Each department head files monthly reports, which are posted online.


Hired by the Board of Supervisors, the Township Manager keeps Upper Makefield Township running. The Manager oversees each of the Township departments, manages community relations, keeps the supervisors informed, creates the Township budget, and much more. Look here for a directory of Township staff.

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Upper Makefield’s Finance Department assists the Township Manager with drafting the budget and managing the annual budgeting process. In addition to the Finance Officer’s daily work, independent auditors review this department’s work annually. See also: Annual Budget.

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Planning and Zoning

Safe and environmentally sound construction is the goal when our Planning and Zoning Department reviews new building plans for Upper Makefield. If you are building something, large or small, your first stop will be with our Department of Planning and Zoning. In addition to guidance during the application process secure permits, this department manages a comprehensive Federal flood management program. Businesses are inspected routinely; learn more here.

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Our full-time Upper Makefield Police Department maintains a positive presence in schools, neighborhoods and on our roads. We’ve collected helpful forms and other information on our Police pages. Learn more about our student drug education program and view crime reports within our Police pages.

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Emergency Management

Upper Makefield Township’s Emergency Management Team works to maintain a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of major emergencies that might occur within Upper Makefield Township. This team coordinates work among Township departments as well as volunteer and regional government services.
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Public Works

On the road? You’ll often see our Public Works Department keeping roads clear and well-drained from runoff. They also maintain Township property, including Brownsburg and Lookout Parks.

Not Sure Who Can Help?

Most questions will lead to a specific department, but if you aren’t sure where to start,  you can always call us during office hours or email us any time.  A website search may also provide answers. Please try our How Do I? section, which lists answers to some of the most frequent questions we hear and offers search for more answers to other questions.