Administration: 215-968-3340

Township Manager

Assistant Township Manager

Judy Caporiccio

Administrative Assistant

Part-time Administrative Maintenance/Park Maintenance

Jim Bannon

Finance: 215-968-3340

Finance Officer


Planning & Zoning: 215-968-3340

Director of Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Ashleigh Somershoe,

Permit Clerk

Patti O’Rourke


Public Works: 215-968-3314


Matt Gorman

Administrative Assistant


Mark Wert, Foreman
Greg Ball
Jimmy Keaton
Tom Miller
Bill Nariskus

Emergency Management: 215-968-3340


Rob Kay 215-669-3667

Deputy Coordinator

Matt Gorman 215-968-3314

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal

John Kernan 215-968-3340

Police: 215-968-3020 (8:30-4:30)

Police Personnel

Chief of Police Mark Schmidt

Sergeant Mary Kate Huff
Sergeant Daniel Jones
Sergeant Richard Kraus
Sergeant Gerard Russi

Detective Ryan Moore

Officer Joseph Carcaci
Officer Lee Crawford
Officer Eric Farra
Officer Robert Fuchs
Officer Josh Kowalski
Officer Kasey McLeod
Officer Colin Murphy
Officer Andrew Nagle
Officer Harry Vitello
Officer Bryan Walter

Administrative Assistant


9-1-1 (emergencies) | 215-598-7121 (non-emergency) | 215-968-3020 (8:30 am-4:30 pm)