Here’s your guide to living well in Upper Makefield. New to the area? We want to help you get acquainted. This Directory for New Residents  has answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Also stop by the Township office to pick up a New Resident Packet.  It’s a great reference for local information and resources.

Parks & Recreation

In addition to the Township’s Brownsburg and Lookout Parks, Upper Makefield is home to Washington Crossing Historic Park and the Delaware Canal State Park, with miles of paths for biking and walking. Nearby, you can explore Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve or take in one of the most beautiful views of Upper Makefield from Bowman’s Tower. Some locations offer year-round outdoor activities. Delaware River Canal Washington Crossing Historical Park Bowman’s Wildflower Preserve

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Trash and Recycling

Rules for Trash removal and Recycling follow Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection guidelines. Residents contract privately for curbside removal services. To augment this program, we regularly promote dropoff events sponsored by Bucks County. Bucks County Page

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Water, Sewer, and Onsite Septic Systems

Only a small number of Upper Makefield homes have public water and sewer services. The remaining homeowners are responsible for maintaining safe well water and sanitary septic systems. System maintenance ensures optimal operation – guidelines and a list of approved haulers are updated regularly.

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Weather Emergency Checklist

We created this checklist so you can sign up for alerts, prepare your home, and educate your family about safety during weather emergencies.

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One of the top questions asked when people contact Upper Makefield Township offices is “What’s my parcel number?” Upper Makefield has a number of online maps. Some have multiple overlays. Some have useful search functions.

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Polling places changed when construction began at the elementary school.  Find your polling location information by searching your address.

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History of Upper Makefield

It’s the stuff of history books: George Washington first turned the Revolutionary War around for the United States
on December 25, 1777 when he and his newly trained troops crossed the icy Delaware River from Upper Makefield
shores to defeat Hessian troops in New Jersey.

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