Municipal, School, and County Taxes

Residents of Upper Makefield Township and those employed within the Township are required to pay 4 kinds of taxes: real estate, occupation, earned income, and real estate transfer. Earned Income Taxes are collected by Keystone Collections Group.  All other bills are mailed by the elected Tax Collector.  Remember, taxpayers are responsible for payment whether or not the bill is received.  Check the schedules below and contact the tax collector or Keystone Collections if you have not received your bill.

Earned Income Tax

A 1 percent Earned Income Tax is split equally between Upper Makefield Township and the Council Rock School District. Keystone Collections Group collects the Earned Income Tax. This tax supports the majority of General Services provided by the Township.

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate taxes are paid by millage: A mil equals $1 per $1000 in a property’s assessed value, according to the Bucks County Board of Assessment. Each dollar received from Upper Makefield residents’ real estate tax is divvied up among the Council Rock School District (77.68%); Bucks County (15.67%); and Upper Makefield Township (6.65%). The Township’s elected Tax Collector collects the Real Estate Tax.

Township Taxes-Mailed out in March

The total tax rate for the 2024 calendar year is 6.4500 mils of assessed valuation. The tax is broken down as follows:

  • Open Space Fund – 1.0 mils
  • Fire Fund – 0.75 mils
  • Building Construction Fund – 0.5 mils
  • General Fund – 4.2 mils
Bucks County Taxes-Mailed in March

The tax rate for the 2024 calendar year is 27.45 mils. For more details, visit the Bucks County website. Township and County tax bills are sent out in the beginning of March, and are due as follows:

  • 2% discount if paid by April 30
  • Full amount if paid by June 30
  • 10% penalty applied if paid after June 30
Council Rock School District Tax-Mailed in July

The tax rate for the 2023-24 school year is 137.1567 mils. School tax bills are sent out in July and are due as follows:

  • 2% discount if paid by August 31
  • Full amount if paid by October 31
  • 10% penalty applied if paid after October 31
Real Estate Tax Installments for Homestead or Farmstead Owners

If you are a Homestead or Farmstead property owner you are eligible to pay Real Estate Taxes in 3 installments. If you pay in installments, you will not qualify for the 2% discount, even if all installments are paid before August 31. Instructions for opting-in to the installment plan are at the bottom of your bill. Download the FAQ or contact the tax collector for further information.  Due dates for the installment plan are as follows:

  • 1st Installment payment due August 31
  • 2nd Installment payment due October 15
  • 3rd Installment payment due November 30

More about Homestead or Farmstead Tax Relief

Occupation Tax-Mailed in July

The Occupation Tax bill is sent in July for Council Rock School District. If your occupation changes, you move out of Upper Makefield Township, or you have any questions about the Occupation Tax, please call the school district at 215-944-1000.

Earned Income Tax- Collected by Keystone Collections Group

The Earned Income Tax is a 1% tax on earned income, wages or net profits for residents of Upper Makefield Township and the Council Rock School District. State law requires employers to withhold the tax from payroll. Those who do not have payroll withholding (for example, those who work in New Jersey or for the federal government) and those who are self-employed must pay the tax quarterly. The Township’s earned income tax collector, Keystone Collections Group, enables residents to make quarterly payments online. By law, all Pennsylvania residents with earned income, wages or net profits must file an annual local earned income return online or by mail by April 15 . Even if you have employer withholding or are not expecting a refund, you must still file a timely return. More information on the earned income tax is available on Keystone’s website at Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section. You may also ask a question online 24/7 by clicking the Contact Us link on the website. Or call 1-866-539-1100 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. for assistance from a knowledgeable, Pennsylvania-based Taxpayer Service Representative. At the beginning of each year Keystone Collections Group sends out tax forms to everyone who filed a return the previous year. These returns are due by April 15 . If you are a new resident, you can find the tax form and instructions for filing on Keystone’s website If you have questions about any responses you receive from Keystone on taxes due, please contact them directly. If you are having trouble contacting Keystone Collections Group or feel that your case is not being adequately considered, call the Township and ask for the Finance Department.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Anyone buying or selling property in the Township must pay a 1% transfer of property tax at settlement. One-half of that tax goes to the Township.