How do I?

We asked our Upper Makefield Township staff, who speak with our residents every day, “What frequently asked questions do you answer most often”? Here are their answers.

Understand my Tax Bill?

Read an explanation of how your tax bill is allocated for local, school, and Bucks County taxes.

Report a Power Outage?

When you lose power, text PECO, (Text “OUT” to 697326) or report it online. PECO scores calls to set priorities; the earlier a customer calls, the sooner power may be restored. Reminder: ​To report a gas emergency or a downed or sparking power line, please call 1-800-841-4141.

Report a Stray Animal or Injured Deer?

Call the Police Department. Tell us where the animal is located and what you know about its condition. Different locations require either PennDOT, Township, or Game Commission notifications. Phone: 215-968-3020.

Report a Pothole? Know if the Township or PennDOT maintains a Road?

Call PennDOT at 1-800-FIXROAD to report a pothole on a state road within Upper Makefield.
Call Upper Makefield Public Works at 215-968-3314 to report a pothole on a Township-owned road.

Call your Homeowners Association or Upper Makefield Planning & Zoning at 215-968-3340 to report a pothole on a private road.

To know who maintains which road, please view our Public Works page.

Report a Problem with Trees?

The Township Public Works Department will field questions about problems with trees and direct you to the responsible party. Call them Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm at 215-968-3314.

Get my Trash and Recycling Picked Up? Dispose of a Computer or TV?

Curbside trash pickup is privately contracted. We maintain a list of haulers, who also pick up recyclables.

Electronic and Household Hazardous Waste is NOT collected curbside. However, Bucks County offers drop-off solutions.

Request an Open Burning Permit?

Contact Fire Marshal John Kernan to request a permit for open burning at or 215-968-3340.

Please note that residential open burning is not permitted in Upper Makefield.

For leaf disposal, contact your private hauler for directions on how to bag leaves for curbside pickup.

Know if I Need a Building Permit? Find My TMP# (Tax Map Parcel)

Many property and home improvements require permits. If you are thinking about a project, start by visiting our Permits page and Planning & Zoning page. There you can find answers to many questions as well as applications for common projects.

Still not sure? Please give us a call at 215-968-3340. We strive to review all applications in a timely manner. If you have a new home, large addition, or pool construction planned –or a commercial project –your project will require review by Township consultants. Please plan far ahead; these reviews can take considerable time.

You can locate your Tax Parcel Number on our Maps section.

Find Out Where to Vote? Check here because locations have changed during school construction

Polling places have changed due to construction at the elementary school.  Check the chart below for your District’s polling location.  Not sure which District you live in?  Find your polling location information by searching your address.  Other election and voting questions may be answered on Bucks County’s Board of Elections page.

District 1

Washington Crossing Historic Park

1112 River Road

Washington Crossing

District 2

Ascension Lutheran Church

900 Washington Crossing Road


District 3

Washington Crossing Historic Park

1112 River Road

Washington Crossing

District 4

Ascension Lutheran Church 900 Washington Crossing Road Newtown