Home Holiday Fire Safety Tips

December 1st, 2021

Below are a few fire safety recommendations to help make your family holidays fire safe and enjoyable.

  1. SMOKE ALARMS are vital and required by code for all homes here in Upper Makefield Township.

One is required on each level of the home as well as hallways adjacent to bedrooms. I recommend they also be placed in rooms with a heat source as well as garages and attics. Please TEST them monthly!!

  • Keep Christmas trees away from any heat sources and water them daily
  • Use tree lights that carry a “Testing Lab” seal i.e. UL Underwriter’s Lab
  • Inspect your light cords for damage or fraying
  • Turn your lights off when unattended
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets – one plug one utility
  • Extension cords are designed as a temporary electrical utility, use them sparingly
  • Never use live candles on trees and keep all combustibles at least 18” away from wherever they are placed *NEVER LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED!
  • Have your heater serviced and your chimney cleaned by a certified technician
  • Take the time to discuss and practice a family fire drill, have a designated place for everyone to meet outside the home

Read more safety tips on the Fire and Ambulance webpage.
To speak directly with the Fire Marshal John C. Kernan, please call 215-968-3340.

Download the Home Holiday Fire Safety Tips and share with friends and family.