Upper Makefield Township

Upper Makefield Fire Company Calls for Help

2017 is the 50-year anniversary for the Upper Makefield Fire Company, and we encourage you to celebrate by helping to rebuild our volunteer base. There are many volunteer opportunities. Current Fire Company members staff fundraising events, keep our books, and provide support for our volunteer firefighters. Members include working parents, small business owners, tradespeople, professionals, and retirees. 

Non-fire Fire Company Volunteers. You may not be tomorrow's fire-fighter, suited-up and riding a fire truck to the next neighborhood emergency, but The Upper Makefield Fire Company and the Lingohocken Fire Company, which both serve Upper Makefield Township, need the type of help you may find rewarding to provide.

Coverage Areas. Fire protection in Upper Makefield is divided into 3 service areas. The Upper Makefield Fire Company covers roughly 2/3 of the Township, and the Lingohocken Fire Company covers 1/3, designated as Area 35. Upper Makefield Township provides annual funding to both fire companies at a cost far less than a paid fire company would require. 

Photo Courtesy of Rob Kay.