Upper Makefield Township

PECO Electric Service Enhancement Project - Updated 1/26

Update - January 26, 2017 

According to PECO representatives, in regard to the disposal of cut timber, property owners are given the opportunity to retain the wood.  If not, PECO removes the wood.  Additionally, PECO will ultimately remove smaller wood materials.

  About the Project:

  • To install advanced equipment and modernize the system to ensure continued safe, reliable energy service.  New equipment will replace smaller substations susceptible to flooding. 
  • Project is in partial response to criticism addressed by a PECO at Sol Feinstone on April 21,2014 regarding outages, age of equipment and response to outages. 
  • Part of a System 2020 plan to invest $274 million to install advanced equipment and reinforce the future electric system, making it more weather resistant and less vulnerable to storm damage, affecting over 3500 customers in Yardley Borough, Lower Makefield Township and Upper Makefield Township.
  • Includes new wooden poles (45 to 60ft tall), upgrade with new lines from 4 kV to 34 kV and installation of “reclosers” to reduce the number of customers affected by an outage, allowing for the automatic rerouting of power. 
  • PUC regulations govern tree removal/trimming done within PECO rights-of-way.  Tree removal done outside of the PECO right-of-way requires property owner permission.  
  • Construction began in October 2016 and is expected to be completed by November 2017.
  • View a map of PECO Enhancement Project area.